The Pastoral Council acts as an advisory group to the pastor concerning parish matters, including but not limited to liturgy, finance, development, and religious education (adult and children). The council represents the parishioners and offers a forum for communication, discussion and policy making.



The council membership consists of voting and non-voting members. Voting members are made up of the following:

  • 12 elected members whose terms run for three years every year, 4 members leave and 4 new ones are elected;
  • the permanent deacon(s)
  • no more than 4 persons appointed by the pastor (currently there are 4)

Non-Voting members include the following:

  • the pastor
  • all professional staff members, such as the business manager, director of religious education, administrator of religious education, the coordinator for youth and young adult ministry, and the director of music and liturgy.



Mission Area Leadership

Liturgy Committee
Alyssa Smith, Pastoral Council Leader
Rev. Mr. Cliff Britton, Deacon, Key Support

Evangelization Committee
David James, Pastoral Council Leader
Stacey Ford, Staff Leader
Rev. Mr. Harbey Santiago, Deacon, Key Support

Education Committee
Mike Fitzpatrick, Pastoral Council Lead
Joann Wozniak, Staff Leader (pre-K to 5th Grade)
Ted Burkhardt, Staff Leader (Youth & Young Adult)
Rebecca Steppling, Pastoral Council, Key Support

Service / Justice Committee
Angela Calamari, Pastoral Council Lead
Joann Wozniak, Staff Leader
Laura Heck, Pastoral Council, Key Support
Melissa Gallagher, Pastoral Council, Key Support

Stewardship Committee
Open Position, Pastoral Council Lead
Donna Binney, Staff Leader
Earl Henderson, Pastoral Council, Key Support

Council Members
Chuck Young, Presider, Appointed, voting
Alyssa Smith, Appointed, voting
Mike Fitzpatrick, Elected, voting
Melissa Gallagher, Elected, voting
Laura Heck, Elected, voting
Earl Henderson, Appointed, voting
David James, Elected, voting
Carolyn Pasquino, Elected, voting
Angela Calamari, Appointed, voting
Rebecca Steppling, Elected, voting
Cathy Stephens, Elected, voting
Rev. Mr. Harbey Santiago, Automatic, Deacon, voting
Rev. Mr. Cliff Britton, Automatic, Deacon, voting
Rev. Mike Ruane, Automatic, Pastor, non-voting
Donna Binney, Automatic, Staff, non-voting
Ted Burkhardt, Automatic, Staff, non-voting
Stacey Ford, Automatic, Staff, non-voting
Joann Wozniak, Automatic, Staff, non-voting



The standing committees of the council are Liturgy, Evangelization, Education, Service/Justice, Respect Life, Social/Hospitality, Finance, Maintenance, Parish Development, and Technology. Current ad hoc committees consist of the Building Committee.



Any person, who will have attained the age of 16 by the date of election and is a registered member of the parish, is eligible to run for election to council membership. Elections are held annually on the third weekend of September.

Meetings are held eleven times a year — the first Wednesday of each month except July — in the church hall at 7:00 PM. Meetings are open and all parishioners are welcome and encouraged to attend. At the October meeting, council members elect (for a one-year term) the following officers: President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, and Corresponding Secretary.

Pastoral Council Constitution
Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes