To continue developing teens’ knowledge and practice of the faith in harmony with their rapid progress toward adulthood, and to prepare teens for receiving the seal of the Holy Spirit at Confirmation.

We offer Confirmation Preparation sessions, High School Religious Education classes, and High School Youth Group in addition to a range of service opportunities here at the parish and in the larger community. Our teens know that they are gifted, valued, and necessary to our community.

It was a joy and a blessing working with the newly Confirmed these past two years.  I may have been blessed more than them!!:)” — Confirmation catechist and retreat chaperone 2017-2018

Adult volunteers for high school Religious Education or Youth Group are encouraged to ask for more details Juliana Weber

Confirmation Preparation

Confirmation Preparation is a two year process beginning as early as 9th Grade (Year 1) and ending with Confirmation as early as 10th Grade (Year 2). Confirmation Preparation sessions meet for 6 weeks each year; you choose whether to meet during the six Fall sessions or the six Spring sessions each year. We use the Chosen series from Ascension Press.

2018-19 Confirmation Year 1 Handbook

2018-19 Confirmation Year 2 Handbook


Confirmation 2016All sacraments, including Confirmation, require two years of faith formation.



Serving a hot meal at Our Daily Bread in Baltimore is part of the first year of preparation. This service is at the core of the Gospel message, and the experience is transformational. To sign up for our Daily Bread Click here
Here is one testimony:
“This was my first time volunteering for a food program. I reflected quite a bit throughout the time I was there.  I was asked to provide water to tables and in doing my job, I spoke with strangers whom I felt were friends, laughed and shared a smile.  At one point, I got so emotionally overwhelmed, that tears just poured down my face and I could not stop.  No one saw me, however, it was a feeling I had never experienced.  Seeing that all of these folks are just like me in that we are humans.  It was a crushing blow to know how extreme and how hard their lives are currently.  It pains me to know this and I wish that there was a way to stop it.  Unfortunately, I also realize, there is hope and I pray that all of their situations in time will turn positive and that they will find the Lord and ask him for change in their lives. 
As I mentioned, I have never experienced this and it was truly a pleasure to serve.  I most definitely will be back and hope that others in the community will too.” – L.W.


High School Religious Education

High School Religious Education classes are not connected to the Confirmation Preparation sessions. We use St. Mary’s Press series Living in Christ, which offers a cycle of textbooks, so that teens never repeat the same course material from year to year. These textbooks are excellent at making the faith relevant to the lives of teens, at forming them in prayer, and at drawing out discussion among the teens. We hope this series will bring your child closer to friends in the faith and closer to God.

High School RE is open to those who are not yet Confirmed, but Confirmation Preparation should be the priority. Confirmation Preparation sessions meet at the same time as High School RE classes (Sunday 9 AM or Tuesday 7 PM), so your teen would either skip six weeks of High School RE in order to attend Confirmation Preparation sessions, or you would register your teen for Confirmation Prep and High School RE on different days (Sunday / Tuesday). Confirmation is the priority, so when you need to make a choice which event to attend, always choose Confirmation Prep and all its requirements!

Religious Education Handbook


Youth Group

We incorporate service, spiritual growth, and fellowship into our youth group program. Teens fulfill the liturgical roles at a Sunday Mass (contact Juliana Weber for the schedule) and then meet for potluck lunch, games and small group discussions after Mass. Other events as announced. Join our Flocknotes group and stay in touch!

This is our “youth room”, Room A118.

Please contact Juliana Weber if you need further information.

Confirmation Sponsors: One way to grow closer to your candidate and open holy conversation is to take a road trip to one of the following pilgrimage destinations. Thank you for taking time to get to know your candidate and develop a relationship that they can rely on.

Pilgrimage Destinations

Walters and the Baltimore Basilica of the Annunciation
Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception
Emmitsburg Grotto of Lourdes
Franciscan Monastery
Holocaust Memorial