pentacost mass altar serversLiturgical ministers are infused into all facets of St. Michael’s liturgical life including proclaiming God’s word, distributing Holy Communion, providing music, serving at the altar (ages 10 and up), beautifying the sanctuary through art, greeting parishioners and providing for the safety and comfort of parishioners.  Liturgical minister volunteers commit themselves to serving the people of God at St. Michaels, helping to convey the holiness of the Mass, creating a prayerful and prayer-filled environment, and meeting the needs of the faithful, consistent with policies and guidelines of the Church, the United States Council of Catholic Bishops, the Archdiocese of Baltimore, and St Michael’s pastor.


For more information about volunteering for these ministries, please contact:

Altar Servers Tricia Buckman Revised Altar Server Schedule-10/16/17
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion Mike Ritgert
Hospitality Ministers Kathy Brossart and Chrissy Mayhew
Lectors Alyssa Smith Lector Schedule
Lector Guide
Lector Cliff Notes
Liturgical Art Lisa Garfield
Musicians Dr. Allan Laino