St. Michael Preschool uses the state approved InvestiGator Club Pre-K Curriculum. It is a curriculum that touts itself as “Play with a Purpose.” It builds its activities based on children”s natural curiosity and includes differentiated activities to address developmentally appropriate learning levels of all 3 and 4 year olds. Its alignment with the Maryland Core Standards in English, Language Arts, Math and Science is enhanced by incorporating Art and Technology and Engineering – STEAM– activities.

St. Michael Preschool will further enhance this curriculum by exploring a variety of subjects that will include, but is not limited to, religious studies, character themes, weekly/seasonal themes, social justice/service projects, music and movement, and health and physical activity. Based on the belief that children learn through play, active manipulation of their environment, life experiences and good communication, the curriculum is designed to facilitate children’s involvement in their own learning. It is designed to foster a love for God, a love of neighbor, a love of self, a love of country and a love for life-long learning.


Mini- Message for October 25, 2020