2020-21 Confirmation Year 2 Handbook


To continue developing teens’ knowledge and practice of the faith in harmony with their rapid progress toward adulthood, and to prepare teens for receiving the seal of the Holy Spirit at Confirmation.

We offer Confirmation Preparation sessions, High School Religious Education classes, and High School Youth Group in addition to a range of service opportunities here at the parish and in the larger community. Our teens know that they are gifted, valued, and necessary to our community.

It was a joy and a blessing working with the newly Confirmed these past two years.  I may have been blessed more than them!!:)” — Confirmation catechist and retreat chaperone 2017-2018

Adult volunteers for high school Religious Education or Youth Group are encouraged to ask for more details Simone Oyekan

Confirmation Preparation

Confirmation Preparation is a two-year process beginning as early as 9th Grade (Year 1) and ending with Confirmation as early as 10th Grade (Year 2).

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Simone Oyekan



Adult Confirmation

This is a process that is very streamlined and allows those who are 18 and older but weren’t confirmed in their youth to prepare for and receive the sacrament of Confirmation.

Celebrations for the group confirmation are typically held in October and on Pentecost Sunday (happens to be in June this year).


Ted Burkhardt