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It’s that time of year again and St. James and John in Baltimore are so grateful for all we donated last year; every student was able to receive a backpack! This year they are in need of specific supplies.


Collection will be from July 23 – August 23, 2020.


With Covid-19 upon us we will be take every precaution to make sure that the donations received have been sprayed with Lysol, quarantined for three days after the last item donated, bagged with gloves on and then delivered to St. James and John in plastic bags that were also sprayed with Lysol.

The following supplies are needed:



  • Lined paper
  • 30 Packs- Pens
  • 30 Packs – Expo Markers
  • 30 Packs – Tape
  • 30 Staplers
  • 30 – Teacher scissors
  • 30 – Whiteboard erasers
  • 30 Packs – Paper clips
  • 30 – White out
  • 30 Packs – Highlighters


  • 300 Pencils
  • 250 Packs – Colored pencils
  • 250 Packs – Crayons
  • 200 Packs – Child Safety scissors
  • 200 Packs – Highlighters

* You can also donate money or gift cards to Walmart, Target, or Staples and we can do the shopping for you.


Donation Drop Off:

  • Before/After Mass in the Narthex
  • Make an Appt. and drop off at Parish Office
  • Leave in drop box in front of Glass doors facing St. Michael’s Road
  • Ship to St. Michael Catholic Church, 1125 St. Michael’s Road, Mt. Airy, MD 21771.